How We Work

The PFI has the purpose of providing periods of holistic formation through:
  1. drawing up a common project of formation for the Church in Malta;
  2. providing a journey empowered by a biblical, theological, spiritual, moral and pastoral dimension;
  3. developing a more specific project which would include teaching and training both at a general level and on more specialised levels;
  4. providing experiences of deeper spirituality, these being the mainstay for the disciple to follow in the footsteps of Christ;
  5. directing the courses already being held within the Diocesan Secretariats and Commissions towards a coordinated operation, so as to implement the vision of a coordinated project according to the needs of the Archdiocese;
  6. cooperating with other organisations to identify specific areas of work within the Church, and finding out by detailed examination what skills, knowledge and means are needed for them;
  7. cooperating with Diocesan and other organisations to meet their requirements of formation; o issuing certificates for the courses of pastoral formation;
  8. preparing schemes of levels and standards suitable for the different courses;
  9. ascertaining that the level, contents and methodology of the courses provided by the Diocese are of a satisfactory standard.
In 2014, Fr Andrea Zaffarese carried out a study on enhancing the participation of IFP Graduates in ministry. To read the report please click here Please click here to view a ppt of the Pastoral Formation Institute`s Ethos