Our Vision And Values

The PFI offers the necessary assistance for meeting the following needs:
  1. to help individuals and Christian communities to attain maturity in wisdom, of heart, mind and soul;
  2. to build up their identity as members of the Maltese Catholic community;
  3. to improve their understanding of God’s calling, hence acquiring a better understanding of their responsibility in the face of opportunities provided in our times;
  4.  to get strength in the face of the challenge to live and put into practice the Commandment of Love;
  5. to attain a deeper understanding of the beauty inherent in the calling of faith;
  6. to enter into dialogue with the challenges put forward by present-day culture and way of thinking;
  7. to develop the necessary training, and understanding new methods of action by which, as Christians, they believe they can contribute through the ministerial role to which they feel called;
  8. to understand oneself as a part of a people chosen and loved by the Creator, to see oneself as being sent as witness to the Risen Christ, who leads one on to a full personal, community and missionary life.