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Module on the Respect for Life Curriculum


To equip teachers to gain the necessary knowledge and respect for life. To build a pro-life community in the educational sphere in order to foster a pro-life culture.

- To form teachers to help them appreciate the urgency of proclaiming the pro-life message

- To be filled with awe and respect for life and subsequently nurture this in our youth and students

- To support the local Church`s mission in its proclamation of the Gospel of Life

Target Audience

- Religion Teachers

- Science Teachers

- PSCD Teachers

- Youth Workers

Learning Outcomes

- A comprehensive background to an attitude of respect for life. (philosophical/ theological/ scientific/ legal)

- To be able to communicate in an enthusiastic attitude the Respect for the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

- To explain in safeguards of adopting a Catholic ethic of life. This will include related Church`s position on various life issues and the related extracts from church documents

- To able to field and answer questions and about life issues by explaining what an attitude a respect to the sanctity of life would entail.

- To recognize their limitations and seek guidance


Wednesdays 7th February - 25th April

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Venue: Catholic Institute, Floriana

Lecturer: Dr Miriam Sciberras

Course Fee: €40

Language: Maltese/ English (depending on the participants` preference)

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