Pastoral Formation Institute :Admissions Regulations  

 1.1  A candidate may be admitted to any course or programme of studies offered and/or accredited by the Pastoral Formation Institute as a regular student if s/he:

(a)     i.    demonstrates, through certification by an accredited/recognised institution/s  that s/he achieved an educational level that is at least one level lower than the level of the course on offer, or

ii.   has been registered as a student at another higher education institution recognized by the Board for this purpose, or

iii. will have reached the age of 23 by the commencement of the course, and demonstrates, normally after  having been assessed through an interview or some other form of assessment, that s/he has the necessary academic background to follow the course of studies with profit, or

iv.  possesses qualifications which fall short of those required, which shortfall is deemed by the Board to have been due to a physical or learning disability which would have made it difficult for the applicant to obtain the required entry qualification, and

(b)     satisfies any other requirements that may be set out in the regulations and bye-laws for that course or programme of studies.

1.2  With reference to regulation 1.1 (a), the Board of the Pastoral Formation Institute shall establish clear criteria and means for ascertaining that the candidate has achieved the required entry level for qualifications achieved in the areas of Vocational Education and Training, Non Formal Education and/or Informal Education.

1.3  With reference to regulation 1.1 (a) (iv.), the Board may seek the advice of an accredited professional working in the field of special needs education and/or disability issues to be able to evaluate the application on academic grounds.

1.4 In identifying the level of entry to the course or programme of studies, the Board of the Pastoral Formation Institute shall abide by the Directives, Guidelines, and Legal Notices issued by the Maltese Educational Authorities.

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