One of the main aims of the Pastoral Formation Institute is to promote dialogue with different sectors of society. Here the key word here is ‘dialogue’ – a process involving both sharing and listening – a route which is an important way forward for the Church in the midst of contemporary society. In this light, the Pastoral Formation Institute seeks to promote a process of dialogue marked by four characteristics: clarity which means that dialogue demands that what is said should be intelligible to all those participating; meekness which indicates that dialogue should not be marked by arrogance or offensive bitterness – dialogue is peaceful, patient under contradiction and inclines towards generosity; confidence not only in the power of one’s own words, but in the good will of all parties in the dialogue; and prudence which invites all to be always at pains to learn the sensitivities of the other, making allowances for psychological and moral circumstances (see Ecclesiam suam 81). As Christians, in this way, we seek to serve society by offering the possibility for a serene and collaborative reflection on our values, tendencies and aspirations, and by seeking to understand and discern the signs of the times. The Pastoral Formation Institute has developed this aspect of its identity through three kinds of intitiatives: Djalogi mas-Socjetà which seek to bring persons from a specific sector together to hear their concerns, their thoughts, and their expectations; Lejliet ta' Kultura u Fidi which are intended to offer a refined faith reflection to professional persons; and the ongoing initiative at the Palazzo de Piro which proposes a space for serene reflection, animated by a Christian vision, on our contemporary society. Please click on the relevant tabs for more information about these initiatives.