In 2005, Rev. Dr. Fabio Attard SDB was appointed as the first Director and in July 2005, a Board was set up to help in the management of the Institute. This Board started operating as from August 2005 and was formally constituted on the 18th September 2007 through a decree signed by Mgr Archbishop Paul Cremona. The members of the first Board were: Rev. Dr Fabio Attard SDB, DD., Sr Marie Scicluna RCSJ, MA, Rev. Dr Joe Galea Curmi S.Th.D.(Lat), Prof. Adrian Gellel D.Sc.Ed.(UPS) and Rev. Dr Mark Sultana S.Th.L., Ph.D.(Greg).

Meetings with different institutes within the Church were held, namely with the Secretariats and Commissions of the Archdioceses, the Institutes of Spirituality led by the Religious Orders and the Faculty of Theology. During these meetings the identity and the role of the Institute of Pastoral Formation were discussed.

"Following the PFI Liturgy Course I have come to understand that, unfortunately, we have not grasped what VAT II wished to implement in view of the Liturgy."

- Claudio Laferla

06 FEB 2018

Spiritual Reflections on Love and Unity in the Johannine Community


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07 FEB 2018

Respect for Life


Come discover the beauty of Life ....This short course starts on 7th February

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16 FEB 2018

Theology of the Body

Course starts on Tuesday 16th February 2018
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19 FEB 2018

Good Business

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